About Sandringham Primary School

Sandringham Primary School is located at 31 Bamfield Street, Sandringham, about 15 kilometres south east of the Melbourne city centre.

The school opened in 1855 with 11 students and has a wonderful history as one of Australia’s oldest schools.  Today, the school has 500 students and is an important part of the Bayside community.  You can find out more about our school at our website.

On Saturday 1st February 2020, there was a significant fire at Sandringham Primary School.  Several classrooms, the library and staff room were destroyed.  

The outpouring of support and kindness from the school community and Bayside community has been incredible.  It is clear how much Sandringham Primary School means to so many people.

There is a long road ahead for Sandy Primary right now, but we comfort ourselves in knowing that a school is more than buildings. 

It is a community of people.  It is community spirit.  This is what Sandy Primary is all about. 

Whilst the heart of the building at Sandy Primary might have been destroyed in the fire, the heart of our school remains stronger than ever.