Helping Sandy Primary to Recover...

Following the fire at Sandy Primary School on February 1st, 2020, our school community faces a long road ahead.


The first priority was our students and ensuring their learning could continue without disruption.  Within 12 hours of the fire, a plan was put in place to temporarily move Sandy Primary classes to Holloway Road in Sandringham, with classrooms across the neighbouring Sandy East Primary School and Sandringham Secondary College made available by the generous teams at these schools.


By Tuesday morning, Sandy Primary students were in class, with their classmates and teachers by their sides, at their temporary classroom.  This was an amazing effort from the entire community.


Buildings will no doubt be rebuilt, but as one of Victoria’s oldest schools, we face the challenge of resourcing the classrooms and library at Sandy Primary to be the enriching, inviting and special learning environments which have taken decades to create.


This is where community support will be vital.


We have received some generous offers of support in the way of financial donations and the contribution of resources, goods, books and school supplies.



If you would like to support Sandringham Primary School with a financial contribution, your donation will be gratefully received via this website.


Updates about how these funds will be utilised will be shared on this website.


If you would like to discuss a tailored sponsorship proposal, please email


Together, we will rebuild Sandringham Primary School to be the incredible local school it has been for over 150 years.


Thank you for your support.


From the teachers, staff and students at Sandy Primary School.